8 Instagram tips for your small business

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Wish to have the coolest and most popular Instagram account for your business with lots of followers –  read our Instagram tips!

1)      Make your business more visual and likable. With Instagram you can bring out your business personality; make more of a brand even out of a tiny local business. People love photos and pictures much more than facts, texts and figures, so get creative! The most important fact to remember about Instagram is that visual content here should be 99% unique and personal. It’s your photos taken here and now, not something you found and re-used. Another important thing to know is to share your brand without over-advertising. It’s more about incorporating your product and values in your potential clients’ lives.

2)      Turn everything into a photo – yes, you have to start taking up to 10 different photos a day related to your business even though only one of them might make it to Instagram. New products, travels, customers, events, showcases, fun you have in the office, new showroom, even the local stray cat visiting your salon – all of it can make a great content. Experiment with lots of different photos and unexpected fun descriptions to see what is most engaging for your followers.

3)      Explore #hashtags – hashtags are super-important on Instagram and there are a lot of them and more are created every second. We suggest you start following the best of the best in your field to get a good grip of relevant and popular hashtags. As time goes by you’ll be able to create and popularise your own hashtags. Always make a new hashtag when organising an event or a contest.

4)      Share videos – you can upload and share up to 15 seconds videos to Instagram. You might think that it’s not enough but in a short 15 second you can share new stock arriving, happy client giving you a testimonial, short snap of a conference, new website feature or anything else that comes in mind. Possibilities are endless and a good news that no one expects a video masterpiece here. Use your smart phone camera and try to shoot in good light conditions. That’s enough for a decent video that could possible go viral!

5)      Educate yourself – you can learn from great examples on how different kinds of businesses use Instagram and get huge followers base. These success stories and insider tips are regularly shared on Instagram Business Blog http://business.instagram.com/blog/. Follow brands on Instagram that have big follower groups or just brands that you admire – it’s the easiest way to keep up with what’s trending and pick up some great ideas of posts for your type of business.

6)      Enhance with care – Instagram has great photo filters that can enhance even mediocre photos and make them look swish and likable. At the beginning experiment with filters to choose the right one, which by the way can lead to up to 60% more user engagement. After that try to stick to 1-2 filters that you like the most and that suit your brand (i.e. no “retro” filters for super-modern technological products or services). It’s an easy way to do some branding with no additional cost.

7)      Integrate 2 accounts – it often makes sense to create one account for your business and one your personal account as a business owner and you can like and share things between two accounts covering more followers. People especially love behind the scenes types of photos which can be shared from both accounts in a slightly different way.

8)      Don’t be too serious – Instagram is probably one of the best social media platforms where you can relax and try to be less of a business and more of friend for your potential customers and followers. Everything stylish, cute, pretty and funny will give you the best score on Instagram. And add to you sales!

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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