6 ways to be a better email-marketer

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be a better email-marketer
For the ordinary internet users, most view emails as a simple means of communication. Only taking a more formal form as it is a better way of communicating with people in work or business setup. But for a business man? It practically spills a goldmine of advertisement opportunities that has the capability to nab and bring in some customers and purchases. Believe it or not, the strategy of email marketing actually provides a higher success rate in getting customers and sealing purchase deals compared to the popular methods like direct mail, social and mobile ads.  So yeah, email marketing is definitely not an ineffective way of advertisement let alone a relic of the past. In fact, here are some words of wisdom (a.k.a. tips) for you who is aspiring to build up your marketing potential via email and be a better email-marketer:

Words of Wisdom #1: Keep your products close, keep your customers closer.

It is standard rule of business that you should not only have confidence in your product but know be familiar with it as well. Same goes with your customer, you need to know that your ads are hitting the right target.

If the customer or the person you’re emailing is not at all your target audience, chances are you’re just wasting time because this person will have a higher chance of marking you as spam than taking interest on your product offer.

Words of Wisdom #2: Keep it mobile friendly.

The advent and evolution of technology has changed and developed society. We all act differently, we prioritize things differently. We live in a world where people can gain access through the worldwide web at their fingertips.

So why not take advantage of that?

People nowadays prefer to check their emails on their mobiles rather than their computers. Therefore, it’s advisable for you to consider your ad in a different layout and make it more mobile friendly, visual and functionality-wise.

Words of Wisdom #3: This is your ‘make or break’ moment, don’t mess it up.

Like any type of advertisement or business strategy, there will always come that ‘make or break’ moment where you either gain a sale or lose one. In terms of email marketing, your ‘make or break’ moment is in the form of your subject line. Screw this up, and you are done. Into the spam box you go.

But let’s face it, we can’t always come up with that killer one liner. To remedy this, you start by working out more than one subject line. It’s never a good idea to place your eggs in one basket when it comes to business and this is one of them.

Once you’re done with your subject lines, try sending them out and see the responses and base your future ventures from there.

Words of Wisdom #4: Keep your eyes on the prize.

Focus. Focus, I tell you. The best adverts are the ones who have a clear and specific goal. They do not dally or go into distracting detail people will just likely skim over. No, they cut through the heart cold and clear. Yes, I am aware this is a Frozen reference.

Is this relevant to the topic? No. Are you rolling your eyes and thinking how useless this little discussion is? Yes. Then I hope you get my point when it comes to distracting and useless details then.

Words of Wisdom #5: Get some bait, you’re going to need it.

This is pretty much given but sometimes forgotten in ads. You keep on talking about yourself and eventually fail to convince the customer because said customer doesn’t really see what he or she could gain from this purchase.

Remember, do not forget your offer. Do not forget to present a great deal. An enticing deal. A deal so great they feel guilty of even trying to ignore it. Yes, that kind of deal. So, your bait better be good because you’re reeling in some fishes.

Words of Wisdom #6: Count your blessings.

Last but definitely not the least, do not forget that it’s important to monitor and keep count of your progress. Take note of your success and failures. Learn and adapt with your customers.

And there you go, may the wisdom guide you well into your email marketing ventures. I wish you luck and prosperity. Good day.

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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