5 ways to make better landing pages

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5 ways to make better landing pages

The secret to successful advertising lies in creating perfectly tailored to draw in and convert your potential customers, well-designed and executed landing page. Here are the 5 ways to make better landing pages and most important rules to follow when making your perfect business landing page:

 1. Did You Accomplish Your Goals?

Before setting out to start the initial design of your landing page, ask yourself a few questions. What is your business’ main competition? Who are your targeted customers? How did people get to your landing page in the first place? And most importantly, what is the goal of the landing page? All of the answers to these questions need to be taken into account when crafting a landing page. Customers should feel like they belong there. They shouldn’t have any nagging questions or second thoughts about clicking on the ad!

2. Convince and Convert

The most important part of a landing page is that it doesn’t drive visitors away. The page should be short and sweet, containing only the information they really need. However, this doesn’t mean you should give customers the bare minimum! Make sure your information is high-quality, relevant, and without-a-doubt useful.

Once people are convinced that clicking on the ad wasn’t a mistake, your next job is to convert them. Whether you want them to sign up for your company newsletter, buy some of your products, or check out your website, the goal of your landing page should appear to customers like the easy and smart decision. Try to only include hyperlinks to these desired pages, so that visitors are most likely to end up where you want them to.

3. Master The Design

In addition to the general content, the design of your landing page also has a huge impact on how well you communicate to visitors. To make sure people don’t get confused or overwhelmed, navigation throughout the page should be as easy as possible. All of the most important information should be in plain sight. And most importantly, include no serious distractions like pop up ads! One trick to help you here: visitors should be able to complete your desired conversion with only one click.

4. Include Buttons and Colors

Statistics have shown that THE most effective part of any landing page is the addition of a button. Something about the simplicity of a button to press, rather than a simple link, makes the majority of humankind much more likely to follow through.

And speaking of human nature, nothing sways our thoughts and feelings more than the use of color. Be sure to take this into account within the design of your landing page! Use colors that relate to the theme or brand of your business, in addition to colors that capture the mood or tone of how you want visitors to react to your page. One trick many marketers use is to make their button or hyperlinks red or green, so people are more willing to click on it. Also make sure your color scheme isn’t too bright or garish; it should have the appearance of a professional page rather than a nagging pop-up ad.

5. Gain Your Visitors’ Trust

And the final, most important way to improve your landing page is to assure that you’ve gained the trust of your visitors. Prove to them that your company is real and professional, and isn’t trying to take advantage of visitors. Try following up their time on the landing page with a ‘Thank You’ message, reassuring visitors that they made the right choice.

Did you like these 5 ways to make better landing pages? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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