25 Facebook Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014- from Jeff Bullas


It’s clear why less people are seeing the updates you post on Facebook. During the World Cup, your content was competing for news feed space with 3 billion engagements generated solely from the tournament.

There are now over 1.28b people and 30m brands using Facebook each quarter. With increased competition for exposure, businesses, especially small businesses with a smaller ad budget, are going to have to get creative to continue expecting exposure from the social network.

Despite declining reach and a more competitive landscape for business, Facebook outperformed market expectations. Lets dig into 25 updated data points, 9 new updates, and what small businesses need to know from Facebook’s Q2 earnings call.

Jeff Bullas from www.jeffbullas.com puts together impresive 25 stats and facts for us to appreciate.

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