Want higher Twitter click through rates? Read this!

higher Twitter click through rates

It’s easy to get discouraged when trying to market with Twitter. You may not be getting the number of RT’s you want, have a large number of followers, or get the click-through rates you need to successfully promote your business. Well worry no more: we’ve searched through a range of recent studies and found that there are fool-proof ways to get higher Twitter click-through rates! Here are the best tips to do this.

  1. Include Links

Nothing lets your followers engage more with your account than by sharing links. Try posting a tweet that includes a link, in addition to a description they can’t turn down. And more importantly, make sure the link is shortened. (Since character count applies here too!) Want proof that links work? One study showed that 92% of all interaction between users and tweets was because of a link.

  1. Recycle Tweets

In the Twitter world, it doesn’t matter who wrote it first. In fact, it was found that two identical tweets received almost the same exact click-through rate (140 versus 132 clicks). So if you find a great tweet, go ahead and recycle it.

  1. Get Your Timing Right

In the busy world we live in, you can’t expect Twitter users to be on their accounts all day. So if you want the best chance of getting a retweet, post when everyone is on their phone: between 10 and 11:00 pm EST.

  1. Respond ASAP

If you had a complaint to another company, you’d want to hear back from them pronto, right? The same applies to your Twitter account. Even if it isn’t a complaint, Twitter users generally expect some kind of response from you. 53% of Twitter users expect this response within an hour, and 72% if they have a complaint!

  1. Tweet About Twitter

Odd enough as it sounds, mentioning the social media site in your tweet has generally been shown to increase the click-through rate. On average, tweets referencing Twitter or another social media site received 22.5% more clicks than normal.

  1. Ask for Retweets

Worried that you’re not reaching out to enough people over Twitter? The solution’s easier than you’d think. Tweets that simply asked followers to retweet them actually were retweeted 23x more often than the average. Be careful how you phrase it though, since using ‘RT’ instead only increased the retweet rate 10x.

  1. Use Pictures

For the same reason Facebook thrives, Twitter is most effective when tweets include an attention-grabbing image. The click-through rate on tweets with a photo is 18% higher than those without. And not only that, picture tweets had 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets.

  1. Ignore Your Follower Count

If you’re concerned about your impact over Twitter because of a low follower amount, there’s no need to worry. The website Mention, when analyzing billions of tweets, actually found that 91% of all mentions come from Twitter accounts that have less than 500 followers. So go ahead, tweet with confidence!





Viral marketing done right – 8 things to remember

Viral marketing

Going viral (in a good way) is like a dream sometimes. It is like one of those things that just seem to suddenly happen and spiral out of control. The shares come in droves, the comments flood in but most of all, your product is selling and your profits are going through the roof. Yes, the key to becoming viral can be quite elusive. Especially since you are not alone in this mission and a lot of online marketers are vying for that viral burst of fame. But fret not, here are some viral marketing tips to serve as a reminder as you try and hopefully be the next viral online sensation.

Viral Marketing Tip #1: Perks and more

Purely on a marketing sense, freebies make the marketing and advertising world go round. I kid you not, have you heard about sales, free apps and once in a lifetime deals. They go viral because not only do it benefit the marketer but also the customer. This would eventually make a domino effect of grapevine communication and online shares that will make your product offers go boom.

Therefore, if you’re aiming for a good quick way to spread the word and have the budget to match, giving out perks, freebies and awesome deals is one of the best ways to achieve the viral effect.

Viral Marketing Tip #2: Ditch the Ad Mentality

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, I’m being a bit hypocritical with this statement. Allow me to elaborate. I do not mean for you to not make this viral-to-be project of yours not be an advert. No matter how much we look at it, the main purpose of this activity is for you to sell your product and make money.

But here’s the thing, don’t let that stop you from getting a bit more emotional and a bit personal. Sure, it’s technically an ad, the secret is to make it into something barely resembling an advertisement. Make it look like a story. An interesting social experiment. It’s an ad but at the same time, it’s not.

Viral Marketing Tip #3: Surprise the world

This might be one of the biggest challenges if you are aiming for a viral status. What am I talking about? (Brace yourselves.) Originality. Yes, we all hate and love this word. It’s so beautiful but so annoying because it makes your brain pound and stress levels rise.

This is the internet we’re talking about, originality plays a very big role in this. So the solution? A good way is to use your product for the sole purpose of entertainment. Make it do something so unexpected but at the same time highlights a very good trait in your product.

Viral Marketing Tip #4: Pick a side

No one notices the neutral person in the middle. They look at and notice the extremists. The vocally expressive person that manages to strike them to the core with their views and words. You cannot please everyone, there is nothing wrong with having an opinion. So pick a side already!

Viral Marketing Tip #5: Do not restrict

In all honesty, I have no idea why some viral aspirants do this. If you want things to go viral, make sure to limit the restrictions you place on the thing. Make it people friendly. Appeal to the people. And people do not like to subscribe or apply for a membership just to see what you have to offer. They will ignore it. They will probably even mark it as spam. So no, keep away from the restrictions.

Viral Marketing Tip #6: Sharing is loving

Shares. Promotions. Open up your social butterfly wings because it you do not get your stuff on the social media scene, it will flop before it gets the chance to multiply. So learn to promote and use your connections because they will play a big key on how things go viral.

Viral Marketing Tip #7: Keep the Ball Rolling and Rolling and Rolling…

Okay, so let’s say that you’ve succeeded in getting the much coveted viral status. What do you do next? Take that wave of fame and ride it out until you are left with nothing but a puddle. Once a thing goes viral, people want to see more of it. And you are going to give it to them. Make the sequel.

Viral Marketing Tip #8: Read the Comments

So you’re feeling a bit dry on the creativity, try and read the comments for interesting ideas and suggestions. Just watch out for the much expected troll and jerks that tends to hang out in the comment section. Don’t let them get to you.

There you go. The viral marketing tips one must know to stick out in the vicious world we all call internet. Good luck. Have faith and go viral.



How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Social Media Marketing

Solve the Biggest Problems with Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the biggest marketing platforms these days that help business owners to promote their products and services. It can be said as one best SEO strategies that enhances the visibility of business websites on reputed search engines. People often think that social media marketing is as easy as sharing posts on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. But, one should know that it is as difficult as building up their business. Business owners face a number of problems with social media marketing and by overcoming these obstacles; they can achieve success in online marketing.

Social media entails a lot more than just spreading messages across social media channels. Social media is able to dominate traditional marketing campaigns, as it uses a variety of tools and resources. Brands that are on social media talk about customers a lot about their products and services. But, too much promotion may create problem and spoil the reputation of your company. This is one of the biggest problems with social media marketing. Business owners can solve this problem by promoting their products and services through limited channels, instead of ‘N’ number of social sites.

The concept of traditional marketing has become outdated and people prefer companies referred by their family and friends through social media channels. If you want to promote your business through social channels, you should fist know that you should have trusted relationship with your customers. You should use social sites to communicate with your customers, which is more than slogans and brochures. Social media marketing is all about finding and making relation with potential customers. It takes lot of efforts, and has better return on investment compared to other marketing methods.

Transforming into social media business sis a unique concept and there is a lot of debate around this topic. When you look at ways to improve communications, you can start to look at the ones who are providing mouth to mouth publicity. There is a lot more in social media to do than just using social technology. To solve this problem, you can create social network and build new customers.

One of the biggest problems that large organizations face is to stop the war between different groups. Internal group wars create lot of problems and one need to invest a lot to solve these conflicts. But, it can help people develop better relationships. Large companies should avoid telling their staff that they use social network for business communication. If your social site is a channel to communicate with your staff, then you are doing it wrong. You should try to build connection with customers, instead of employees and internal people.

In large organizations, employees fail to understand what other people do and work on. There is a lot of secrecy about projects until they get completed. It is possible for teams who are working on similar projects can save a lot for outside clients. To solve this problem, companies should allow employees to list different projects and invite cross-teams for projects. Companies should allow customers to subscribe to newsletter and other updates and join their team. It is also recommended that companies use social media channels to share information and collaborate around actual work to do it efficiently.

Moist of the companies fail to use their resources completely due to lack of time, despite of multiple resources and opportunities in market place. Though companies have great knowledge and talent, things go untapped, as a result of which they fail to explore the opportunities completely. It is good enough, if the project gets sponsored by executives with little recognition. To solve this problem, monitor and track everything, from the beginning of the project till its completion. Companies should monitor what they want to monitor.

Lack of effective strategy, compelling content, insufficient budget, inability to become mobile responsive etc are some of the biggest problems that companies face with social media marketing. Choosing social media marketing is the ability to establish and handle the overall process. The reason behind this is social media is circular and what you see at the beginning is felt at the end. The biggest problem is that it never ends and you need to work on it on a regular basis. To solve this problem, you should work on social media strategy on a regular basis without fail and stay up to date with the latest social media trends. One should know how to use social media tools effectively and need to work on it with a bit of marketing mix.

The bottom line is one can solve the biggest problems of social media marketing with little effort, skills and patience.


Author Bio:

John Matthew working as digital marketing expert since 2008, he started his career as social media professional with NTD Telecommunications. John played vital role in developing following brands Logitrain, Crawford and O’Brien, PiggySEO. Follow him on Google+






7 Powerful SEO Tips for Small Business

SEO Tips for Small Business

Web browsers are intense apparatus for small business. In the event that you can get on the first page for the keywords important to your business, you can promise an unfaltering stream of visitors and deals. Presently, there are a considerable measure of things you can do to get high rankings, however the accompanying SEO tips for little entrepreneurs are absolutely like the hot chocolate on cake!

Tips 1: Concentrate on Keywords

Web crawlers are all about keywords! That is the reason it is vital to begin your SEO battle with keyword research. There are a considerable measure of devices you can use, yet the most effective and simplest to utilize is the Google AdWords tools.

Tips 2: Focus on On-Page SEO

Researching keywords can be useless, if you fail to make the best use of your keywords.


That said, you need to go through your site and fulfill the accompanying:

  • Incorporate main keywords on your permalinks
  • Add main keywords to the titles of articles, subheading, tags and anchor text.
  • Delete links that do not exist
  • Post regular web contents

Tips 3: Use Social Media to Boost SEO

Social networking have now turn into a necessary part of business marketing. In the event that you need to get the most out of them, then you need to recall these social networking SEO tips:

  • Concentrate on your about page and fill it with valuable data and of course, keywords.
  • Post contents regularly with relevant images
  • Use call to action

Tips 4: PPC Ads to Draw the Attention of Visitors

PPC advertisements works awesome to boost Search engine ranking. Nonetheless, if utilized carefully, they can give your small business a pleasant help in leads and sales.


There are various PPC promotion systems you can use for this, in spite of the fact that the most unmistakable is Google AdWords.

Tips 5: Monitor Your Ads and Campaign Regularly

Maintaining a business is similar to being in an endless marathon wherein you generally need to watch out for your adversaries and verify you are on the right way toward the completion line.

  • Regularly monitoring that the keywords are using perfectly
  • Chronically changing blog entry, backlink, and social networking techniques

Tips 6: Optimize Your Web Pages

To start with, streamlining your web pages means transferring quality images specifying your hours of operation, and posting the administrations advertised. Second, classifying your business accurately is really a standout amongst the most critical strides to advancing for nearby inquiry. A few web search tools offer you the capacity to place your business into 2-5 classifications to help them comprehend what your business does. CreativeOver Orange County SEO optimizes the pages like a professional.

Tips 7: Online Reviews

As per a study by Search Engine Land, Google takes a gander at online reviews as a main consideration for positioning on the new merry go round configuration; however more than anything your surveys are for Google clients who see your organization on a SERP.



Online reviews are speedy and simple ways to choose which interface they need to snap.

Bottom Line: If you are a small business owner you can also use Pinterest to grow your business and higher your search engine ranking. Yes, it is one of the effective SEO tricks!



About Navid Tayebi:

Navid Tayebi has considerable experience in digital marketing and brand development. He is the founder of Creative Over, Orange County digital marketing agency that primarily focuses on providing digital marketing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. He is a versatile, organized and self-reliant person. His areas of expertise are refinement and development of marketing goals, promotional activities, pricing strategies and branding. You can find Navid on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.