How Older Generations (50+) Use Social Media – from Financialsocialmedia

Your 50+ clients and prospects are online and they are searching for news and helpful information! Social media is a great channel to engage with these people and position yourself as an expert. Talk to them, share helpful tips and recent news, and expand your reach.

Brand needs to understand how to market to senior citizens before all of the Boomers retire, because they are a demographic that will be more computer literate than any senior generation before.

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How to Increase YouTube Engagement – Infographic from Socilamouths

How to Increase YouTube Engagement

Is your YouTube Marketing it worth the effort? Are you doing it right? Creating and posting videos is not easy but considering these statistics probably shouldn’t be ingored

  • YouTube is the number one video website in the world
  • About 800 million people visit it every month
  • Many searches are conducted directly on YouTube instead of Google

In other words, the potential to help your prospect find your business in a whole different marketplace is huge.

So how do you make your Youtube efforts to bring most results?

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Make your images pinnable – just add “Pin it” button to your site

make your images pinnable

Pinterest is becoming more and more popular especially in the female market and with all things related to beauty, fashion, travel and anything visually appealing. So naturally active pinterest users can be your prime audience and you probably should give them the opportunity to easily pin images from your site to their Pinterest boards.Learn how to bake your images pinnable  by simply adding “Pin it” button to your site.

This not only gets your images shared a lot but also gives references to your site/blog. Pin it button encourages shares much more than any social media buttons on the bottom, top or even the side of your page/blog posts. The button just calls people to start pinning and therefore sharing! It makes it so easy for people that if you have beautiful and compelling imagery on your site and put a pin it button on it, it will get much more virality. So how do you actually add the button to your site? Good news, there is no need to do anything with each image!

If you’re using WordPress platform for your site and blog it’s very easy as there are at least 2 popular and reliable plugins that you can use to make all your images pinnable.


Just go in the Plugins section of your WordPress admin installation and search for either of these plugins. the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images plugin or Pinterest Pin it button and install and activate the plugin. They are free and easy to use.


You can configure what type of images you’d like to become pinnable in the Settings section. It’s important to remember that if your site images have any kind of special effect settings in the theme it might not be very compatible and you will have to choose what is more important for you – to keep the special effects or to have “Pin it” buttons. We suggest trying both plugins and see which one might work better for your particular needs. And as they say – happy pinning!

Instagram Analytics With IconoSquare – from Socialthreesixty

Instagram Analytics With IconoSquare shares new useful tool for all Instagram lovers and users Iconosquare.

This tool is supposed to help brands and people get to know know if their marketing efforts are effective for them or not? Seeing as currently Instagram has no native analytic capabilities.

Instagram is one of the most popular and fast growing social networks with more than 200 million  users who are currently sharing 60 million images and liking 1.6 billion images daily.

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Improved Facebook Right Hand Ads Will Roll Out Next Week – from Marketing Land

Improved Facebook Right Hand Ads Will Roll Out Next Week, Limited Availability Will Raise CPCs reported Marketing Land

A few months ago, Facebook promised a revamped, larger ad size for those Right-Hand Column ads. On the 20th June they’ve announced a launch date of “early next week” along with a warning of scarcity.

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News From Facebook – how to show Better Videos


Official facebook News Portal just published an article “News Feed FYI: Showing Better Videos”

Facebbok announced an improvement to how they rank the videos people and Pages are uploading directly to Facebook. Their goal is to better understand what videos people are interested in watching, so that relevant videos appear more prominently in News Feed.

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A 10 Step Guide to Humanising Your Business Social Media Approach

Humanizing your business social media

Having your business be present online through various social media platforms is a must these days. Your followers want to engage with you and hear what you have to say and offer. Your social media outlets will go to waste if the content you post doesn’t relate to your audience. Humanizing your business social media approach means engaging with people on a personal level. Get started with this 10 step guide.

  1. We’re all human.
    Your business is run by humans, your customers are human and so are your social media followers – so quit talking like a robot. Let your human side shine through your social media content to engage with your customers.
  2. Engage employees.
    If you want to truly humanise your business through social media, start at home by engaging employees to do the same. Your employees are the ones who will be posting and creating content (perhaps inadvertently – think posting company party photos). If employees are given the opportunity to be themselves via social media at work this will reflect a more humanised approach all around.
  3. Relationship building.
    The best customers are repeat customers. Use your social media to try and build a relationship with yours. If you spend time really trying to build a relationship with your customers through your social media, past all the usernames and avatars, you will build loyalty to your brand that is lifelong, surpassing any Tweet, blast, like or share.
  4. Find your personality.
    Your business needs personality. This is true for the employees at the help desk as well as behind your social medial platforms. Knowing who you are as a brand is very important to developing this personality, for producing content and customer relations. Are you funny? Serious? It doesn’t matter if you are both, as long as you inject this personality into your social media.
  5. Let them see you grow.
    If you are just getting started with social media, or trying to revamp and humanise your image, take your followers on a journey with you. Let them see you grow and share the experience while building a relationship with followers. By being this open and honest, your wins will become something for fans to celebrate and they will become invested in your business.
  6. Forget the mumbo-jumbo.
    Your customers, fans and followers do not talk corporate speak, so don’t try to engage them with corporate posts. Humanise your business by speaking in a familiar tone using language that can be understood by all.
  7. Share the evidence that your team really is human.
    One of the best ways of humanising your business online is to show that your business is run by real people in real time. Post pictures and videos of employees team building, at the company picnic or any other ways that show your employees enjoying themselves. Getting a glimpse of these little moments will really make a difference to your followers.
  8. Strike a chord.
    Humanising your business means striking an emotional chord. We, as humans, react to things that make us laugh, cry or even get mad. Connecting and engaging with your followers will be easier if you put some emotion into your content.
  9. Have a conversation.
    When followers speak to you via social media, take part in the conversation. Don’t just like the post or tweet a simple “thanks”, really read what they’re saying and reply sincerely. Take each opportunity presented to you to foster a relationship.       Since humanising you business starts by engaging with your followers, send personal replies. As people read through your feed and see the person behind the post, they will be encouraged to participate.
  10. Network.
    Reach out to other people and highlight those real people. Messages from the CEO can often be overlooked by followers but guest writers who use your product or services may be more in line with your customers and will therefore be more engaging. Also, never turn down an opportunity for someone in your company to speak during a live engagement. Anything to present real people will do wonders to humanise your business’ image on social media.

Did you like our Guide to Humanising Your Business Social Media Approach? Share your own tips and experience in the comments below!


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Promote your content and page on Google+

promote your content and page on Google+

In marketing Google + is more often than not shunted off to the side, hidden behind social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. But the truth is that for advertising, this site can be much more useful than you’d think. Whether it be your blog, personal website, or company page, Google+ has the available setup and features to make sure your business promotion efforts are a success. Read our simple guide on how to Promote your content and page on Google+.

Why Does Google + Work?

First off, one of the main reasons why Google+ is great for content promotion is the fact that it’s run by a search engine. This means that a Google search done for a keyword related to your page is much more likely to show the related Google+ pages at the top of the search results. Facebook and Twitter, meanwhile, don’t have this advantage.

Now That You’re Hooked…

It should be known, however, that simply having a Google+ page will not guarantee the future success of your content. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and hints to follow to get you on the right path:

1. Make the Best of the Hovercard

The main thing that Google+ users can see when deciding whether or not to circle (the Google equivalent of “follow”) you is your hovercard. Which means, to get all the followers your company page needs you have to ace your hovercard setup. One trick is to hack the inclusion of a small biography: go to the employment section, click on ’employment’, and instead of writing something like ‘self-employed’, write out a couple sentences selling yourself and your business to potential followers (think a Twitter bio).

2. Complete and Perfect Your Page

People on any social media site will stop following a page if they are not impressed, and the same goes for Google+. You can avoid this by filling out every detail you can when putting together your page. Include lots of pictures, company logos, a business description, contact information, and especially links to your website or blog. Also make sure to take advantage of the photo strip on your page, adding colorful, eye-catching photos that also promote your content.

3. Use +Mentions

If you didn’t already guess, these are the Google equivalent to the @Mentions we see on Facebook and Twitter. By using these +Mentions on Google+ to mention people and pages, you are also promoting yourself, since searches done for the pages you mention will show your posts in the search results. This is also a way to branch out, getting those pages you want to notice you to finally do so through your +Mentioning of them.

4. Host Google+ Hangouts

This is perfect for the promotion of a larger company website. Long story short, Google+ Hangouts is a video chat with your followers. A great way to promote your company as one that truly cares for its customers would be to hold daily (or weekly) Hangout sessions, where customers can have their questions answered face to face rather than through an 800 number or chatroom.

5. Review Your Progress with Ripples

This is perhaps one of the most useful and interesting features for content promotion on Google+. Simply put, Ripples is an interactive graph that lets you see how many public shares your publicly posted content has received over a certain length of time. This gives you not only an idea of how your content has spread over Google+, but it also lets you see the exact people and pages who are most often sharing your content. Hint: build a separate circle just for these people who are your prime content sharers, and cultivate them to watch your impact and overall internet promotion succeed.

Did you like our tips on how to promote your content and page on Google+? Share yours in the comments below!


Tumblr and Content Marketing

tumblr content marketing

Tumblr is a micro-blogging site that allows users to post video, audio, images, and short pieces of content. It is increasingly becoming a social networking hub as well. It’s becoming the place for business’ to tell their story and connect with potential customers. It’s a one stop showcase, catalog and blog. Tumblr was targeted as a fad for a long time, but it can no longer be ignored. Tumblr will surely hold its place for content marketing. Most business can use a Tumblr account to tell their own story and market their own content, but it must be done right in order to be effective. Follow the tips below to make your Tumblr and content marketing work.

 1)    It’s all about photos… and animated GIFs and video and audio! And text too. Images are the most popular content on Tumblr. GIFs, video and text follow and audio is also expected to show up more on Tumblr pages soon.Use this to your advantage by sending your content to the right social media platform. If you have a choice between image and video marketing content, post the image to your Tumblr page and the video on your YouTube channel, for example. Don’t be afraid to recycle content to make it more suitable for Tumblr. Video clips can be created into effective GIFs. Post photos you wouldn’t normally post on your website to your Tumblr page. Tumblr users are looking for these kind of posts so use this information to attract followers.

2)    Make an emotional connection. The best thing about trying to connect emotionally with your audience is that visuals do this best. So this is something that can be easily done via Tumblr. Create and share images that provoke an emotional response (think sunsets or a hand-holding couple walking down the beach). They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Use images that create this emotional response to market your business or product. People also love to share images and visual content which is another great way of getting your content out to the masses.

3)    Drive traffic back to your website. Create links to all of your social media accouts and your main website. As I said, post visual content to Tumblr, but don’t neglect your other social media platforms. By linking it all together, you stay relevant as well as drive traffic to your other sites.

4)    Showcase and share. Tumblr provides the perfect platform to highlight and showcase what is new. This can work for highlighting the newest trends or showcasing a new product line. Post tips, GIFs or videos on how to effectively use your product. Use great visuals to help make your content more marketable.

5)    Follow suit. It can be hard to keep up with all the social networking sites appearing all the time and it can be a challenge to know which one’s are worth your time and effort. Tumblr has a perfect platform for marketing content. Fashion companies are very popular on Tumblr and are doing a great job of marketing their content. Take notes from companies that are doing it right because Tumblr seems to have quite a dedicated following. Use it right and you can really market your content well.

Which social media sites do you use to market your business? Do you already use Tumblr or are you thinking of giving it a try to better market your business? If you have any tips on how to improve Tumblr and Content Marketing share them below.