Why your business need to use landing pages?

Why your business need to use landing pages?

If you’re not already using landing pages along with your social media advertising efforts, you must keep reading! Precious advertising dollars and efforts may be wasted if you aren’t using them and this article will explain why you do need to use them and give some tips of creating effective landing pages.

Let’s begin by clarifying a very important point:

Your landing page is not the same as your web page.

A landing page is a separate, stand alone page that is designed to simply motivate someone towards a specific action or result. Examples of this action or result may be to give you their email address or buy your product.

Landing pages should be simple, clean pages – not cluttered with images, links or navigation bars. Where your website may use these elements effectively to inform consumers about your company and what you offer, your landing page should be distinguished without these elements.

Landing pages should be linked to your advertising from Facebook or other social media sites. These are the pages that consumers will be directed to once they click on your ad. There are basically two types of landing pages, click through and lead generation.

As the name suggests, the goal of click through landing pages is to have the visitor click through to another page. As an example, your landing page may describe one of your products and bring the consumer just one step closer to purchasing. When they click through to your page, the hope is that they have made the decision to purchase your product.

Lead generation landing pages are for the result of capturing specific data. This is to create “leads” by gathering names and email addresses to allow you to market and connect with these people at a later time. This is usually done by running a contest or sending free samples in return for visitors submitting their details.

The best thing about landing pages and why you need to use them is that they convert people to take action better than the ad alone or even better than your home page. This is because the visitor to your landing page has clicked on your ad which means they are already interested in what you have advertised, whether that’s a product or promotion.

Simple enough, right? Well, you general have only about 8 seconds to hook that visitor before they decide to leave or stay on your page. Now that we’ve firmly established what landing pages are and why they are so important, here are a few tips to start creating great landing pages.

  • With lead generation landing pages, the length of your data form can impact the rate of conversation (that is how many people fill out the request). Ask for the minimum amount of information that will allow you to market effectively.
  • Be sure that the information on the landing page matches the promotion or product on the landing page. If visitors don’t see what prompted them to click on the ad in the first page, they will leave.
  • Be personable. Use landing pages to create a relationship with visitors.
  • Keep it visually stimulating yet clean and simple. Use bright colors and creative images to draw the visitor in, but keep it to a minimum in order to leave the important information to stand out.

Was this article helpful to understanding why you need to use social media landing pages? Try using these tips to create effecting landing pages for your click ads.