18 fool-proof social media hacks that worked in 2014 and are here to stay!

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It’s a new year, and with it has come lots of changes. But one thing that hasn’t changed: how important social media is to successful marketing. Today’s biggest brands have the experience that can prove this. Taking from their example, here we’ve compiled a list of 18 of the best fool-proof social media hacks from 2014 that will be sure to make your marketing in 2015 a success!

  1. Respond to Followers

Social media is quickly becoming the main way for customers to communicate with your company. Because of this, response to comments should always be taken seriously. Try to get your response time down to an hour or less to leave a great impression.

  1. Less is More With Facebook

When no longer confined to the character limit of Twitter, it may be easy to write a long post on Facebook. But in reality, the engagement rate on a short post of less than 50 characters has been shown to be much higher than ones not so brief.

  1. Time Your Tweets

In general, your followers on Twitter are going to interact with your tweets at around the same time each day. Analyze the timing of your account’s interactions, and make a point to always tweet updates at that time of day.

  1. Ask a Question

Not only does asking a question on Facebook promote engagement, it can also give you some insight into your customers’ opinions. Ask a question about a holiday, major event, or trending topic and the engagement rates will be even higher!

  1. Interact More on Twitter

Sure responses seem great, but they aren’t the only thing you need to do to make a successful Twitter. Try following the example of Starbucks: over two weeks, they tweeted 31 times, had managers mention them 4,229 times, and retweeted 14 posts.

  1. Update Facebook Posts

With the edit option on Facebook, you can now go back to old posts and give your customers new information. If someone won a contest you held, for example, you can update the post and congratulate the winner.

  1. Use Keywords on Youtube

Youtube only works because of its excellent search engine. Keep this in mind for your posts, and put descriptions and a title that will optimize the exposure of your video.

  1. Debut New Products

In this decade, social media is the best way to launch any new product. Posting the release on Facebook and Twitter is a must, but depending on your business type, Yelp can also be extremely helpful!

  1. Get Involved in Major Events

If there’s something in the mainstream news that effects your business, it’s common to worry that commenting on that issue could draw negative feedback from your customers. However, choosing to post a Tweet about a political event, for example, can make you appear more human as a company. Just make sure you back up your company’s stand with the facts!

      10. Create a Hashtag

A recognizable pattern within your tweets will always draw followers to your account. Samsung, for example, recently posted a number of tweets with the hashtag #SamsungTips. This then let Twitter users easily search through past tweets for similar information, all with the same hashtag.

       11. Promote With Cover Photos

You have probably seen this tactic by now: businesses will constantly be updating their Facebook cover photo to endorse their most recent sale, event, or contest. Follow their example! This works because it’s continual advertising for anyone who visits your company page

       12. Be Consistent With Youtube

Posting videos doesn’t work with every brand. But if it works for yours, make sure you are posting new videos on a consistent basis. (Top brands post around 8 or 9 over two weeks.) Your video length should also be less than two minutes, as longer videos could scare off potential viewers

        13. Analyze Your Approach

The most successful marketing brands try new things, and change their tactics if they see less progress. Make sure to analyze the interactions, engagement, and profits associated with any changes you make to your social media marketing.

        14. Use Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites of all time, and also one of the easiest sites to market with. Post pictures that will drive engagement, while also linking to them on both Twitter and Facebook

       15. Target Followers’ Friends

One of the best ways to broaden your number of customers is by converting the friends of your followers. Try offering discounts, such as a two-for-one coupon, that encourages customers to bring in new people to your business.

        16. Create Vines

Possibly the most creative social media site, Vine also has the greatest possibility for your videos to go viral. Spend some time making innovative, creative videos to promote or endorse your product and the social media attention you get could skyrocket.

       17. Encourage Voting

Unsure whether or not a new product would be a good addition to your stores? Use Kohl’s example: on Facebook they recently asked users to comment ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’ to a new clothing item. The resulting comments gave a wide variety of feedback that was extremely useful to the company.

         18. Lead to Landing Pages

If you want more people visiting your actual website rather than social media, well, lead them to it! Always post the link to your company site on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or any other social media site you may be on. It also helps to drop it in a post once in a while (if you can find a great excuse to do so!)

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elena Sciberras

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