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All online and social media enterpreneurs and marketers are making mistakes. Of course some people can be very proud of their grammar skills but most of us  keep making the same silly mistakes over and over again.

12most.com pot together a dozen of probably the most  common and offensive mistakes one can make – let’s see if you’re guilty?

So, next time you need grammar help on the fly, here are 12 go-to tips!

1. Accept/Except

Accept = Receive
I must accept blame for the accident because I ran the red light.
He accepted the award on behalf of the whole group.

Except = Excluding
Everyone is going except Harry.
I like all vegetables except broccoli.

2. Advice/Advise

Advice = Noun
The advice you gave me was really useful.
No, I don’t need, or want, your advice.

Advise = Verb
He advised her to be careful in dealing with the complicated situation.
I don’t know anything about it; please advise me how to proceed.

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